Who can sign the ketubah?

The ketubah – Jewish wedding contract, is what it sounds like, a contract. Therefore, it is only befitting that it has rules and regulations, as to who can sign the contract.

Now, on a legal document, it’s pretty straightforward, anyone over 18 can sign a contract, but Judaism does have its own rules. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. The contract is signed by 2 witnesses.
  2. Each witness must be an adult male.
  3. Each witness must be sabbath observant.
  4. The witnesses may not be related to the bride or groom.
  5. The witnesses may not be related to one another.
  6. The witnesses should understand what they are signing on.
  7. The signatures should be in Hebrew.
  8. When one signs, they sign their name, son of their father’s name. (i.e. Isaac ben (the son of) Abraham)