Welcome Rabbi!

On this page you can submit information for a PDF ketubah. Although our personalization charge is normally $75, we have a discounted price for rabbi’s.

You can do so either by filling out the questions to your right hand side, or you can print and fill out this form here.

You will be sent an invoice for $50. The kesubah is always checked multiple times for accuracy, but you can request revisions of the text if need be. Please note; if you do not give us at least 5 days (excluding shabbos and yom tov) there will be a $15 charge. If you desire, we can print the ketubah on our high quality art-paper and mail it to you. Email or call us for details.

The PDf will be of our amazing gold ketubah. If you desire, we can send just the text, or the text without a design around it.

Please note, no ketubah will be created before being paid in full.

Thank you!

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