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Haim Sherrf is a world renowned artist, based in Montrel, Canada. Haim’s experience and talent of 30 years is expressed  in his beautiful and intricate designs, using various techniques and mediums. Thus making him from the most sought after Ketubah artists.

The paper cut Ketubah presented, is a work of art created by this world famous artist. Depicting modern and traditional Judaic symbols.
Cut by the most modern laser machines, we are able to obtain the best and sharpest images possible. To ensure top quality, the paper used, is made by Arch, a well-known company, respected for their top quality paper.

As an option the artist himself can embellish the paper cut with beautiful water colors and silver or 22K gold leaf, as well as Swarovski crystals. This magnificent combination makes for a simply STUNNING KETUBAH that is completely original and memorable for life.

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Ketubah category


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Hebrew only

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Haim Sherrf

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Sherrf studio