Jerusalem Harp


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Jerusalem Harp: The old city of Jerusalem, with the melodies of the harp being the Ketubah.


This design is available as an archival giclée print on rag cotton paper, or a hand made design on parchment.

The following are options that can be added to your design;

On paper: one can emboss the title with 23k gold, and / or enhance the image with gold acrylic paint.

Designs on parchment (all of the following options are included in the price): Emboss the title with 23k gold, have a hand painted design, have gold acrylic paint to enhance the image and have a hand written text by a scribe.

Additionally, one can add a velvet back to their parchment Ketubah. This enhances the beauty of the Ketubah, and protects it.

The words of this design may appear slightly different in an actual Ketubah. You will always see a sample before it goes for print.


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