Guiding Star


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The luminous spectrum radiating from this star medallion composition is enchantingly captivating.  As the title indicates, the concept and nexus of this design reflects a visual ideal in which beloved couples can muse and delight for a lifetime of appreciation and inspiration.  Detail is rendered with the brush of a modern master of illumination as a contemporary remediation of two classic, historic artistic techniques:  Byzantine chipped glass mosaic and Persian mastery of geometric pattern.  Contemplation of this brilliant illumination evokes a transcendence of dimension.  Offered as a gesture by the artist; of promises to be fulfilled, abounding love to be cultivated, and the wisdom of the heavens as witness “Guiding Star” ardently, tenderly enlightens your marriage covenant.

Please note that the layout for the text of this Ketubah may appear differently after printing.

Rest assured, you will receive a PDF of the layout before going to print.

The measurements for this Ketubah are 20 x 20 inches. 


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Hebrew only, Hebrew with English #1, Hebrew with English #2

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Amy Fagin

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Amy Fagin