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In aboriginal cultures dreaming is linked to the creation process from deep ancestral archetypes of wisdom to daily sleep cycles and daily spiritual ritual practices.  In Native American culture the Dreamcatcher is a symbol of unity.  Dreaming, as well as the concept of the Dreamcatcher harbor many parallels to Jewish worship,  like collective sacred prayer and song. These mind states bring forth memory, identity, and initiation into a realm of divine understanding and expression where our highest aspirations manifest in our actions.  Dreamcatcher is composed of delicate stylized floral “hamsas” which symbolize the divine potential of a loving marriage and blessings of protection from harm.  Dreamcatcher ketubah is wisdom incarnate in the form of a sacred wedding illumination filled with joy, prayer, celebration and gentle loving-kindness.  What other way is there to begin a marriage?

Please note that the layout for the text of this Ketubah may appear differently after printing.

Rest assured, you will receive a PDF of the layout before going to print.

The measurements for this Ketubah are 20 x 20 inches. 

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