Who can sign the ketubah?

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The ketubah – Jewish wedding contract, is what it sounds like, a contract. Therefore, it is only befitting that it has rules and regulations, as to who can sign the contract. Continue reading “Who can sign the ketubah?”

Is the Ketubah text sexist?

You go to a wedding and it’s all about the bride and the groom, so when you see that in the Jewish wedding vows there is no commitment of the bride, you must be in shock. Click here to find out why, you’ll love the reason!

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The top 5 Ketubah designs you must-have for 2019

The top 5 Ketubah designs you must-have for 2019

With the year winding down, and many preparations are under way for all the weddings of 2019, we present you the top 5 Ketubah designs!

Don’t wait and push off the Ketubah (Jewish wedding contracts) for the last thing! You want to ensure enough time to get the Ketubah art you’ve been eyeing. Also this will ensure plenty time to prepare your Ketubah text.

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“Ketubah”, “Kesubah”, “Kesuvah”, and the difference is…?

There are so many ways to pronounce this marriage contract, “Ketubah”, “Kesubah”, “Kesuvah “and also the way you can spell these. Which is the correct way?
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