In today’s world of endless trends, we had yet to find Jewish wedding Ketubahs, that are presented with contemporary design, readable and relatable, yet true to their traditional roots. Necessity is the mother of invention. This lack of traditional wedding Ketubahs and designs, inspired us to create Ketubah 4 You. The number one site for Kosher art Ketubahs, that are under Rabbinical supervision.

The wedding Ketubah is a long-standing tradition, yet it remains relevant and relatable. Being that there are many ways of expression, we proudly display a wide array of options, including, but not limited to, many modern Ketubah designs.

Amongst our Ketubah text and designs, we proudly offer a selection of Ketubahs on parchment. Currently, we are one of the only vendors to have this unique option.

We take pride in offering you an exceptional experience, from the high-quality paper and printing, to the unique Ketubah designs, to our outstanding customer service. Why not start your order now! Click here to see our designs.

Ketubah 4 You: A traditional concept married to contemporary design.


Ketubah Essentials:

What is best for signing the Ketubah?

Your Ketubah is printed and created with only high quality materials, from the paper to the printing. therefore your signatures should be too!

We suggest using acid-free, waterproof pen, such as a Pigma Micron Pen, by Sakura – rest assured, if your order is filled by Ketubah 4 You, one of these pens are included in your price!

If not you can find one online or in your local art supply store.

For canvas prints, we suggest using a fine point sharpie.

To check if your Ketubah is filled by Ketubah4You, go to the individual product page, and scroll down to additional information. There it will tell you if your Ketubah is processed by Ketubah4You, or one of our third party vendors.

How long does it take to receive a ketubah?

Is your wedding fast approaching?

No need to worry! Most of our Ketubah’s can be printed and shipped within a day of receiving all the necessary details along with your order.

We do encourage placing your order at least 4 weeks before the wedding day, that way we have ample time to prepare your Ketubah, making sure all details are up to par.

If a Ketubah is needed sooner, email us ASAP at info@Ketubah4You.com or give us a call, 740-KETUBAH. (740-538-8224) to be sure we can fulfill your request.

(additional charges may apply)

What are the printing options?

We offer a variety of options for the printing of your Ketubah.

Paper – an Archival Giclée Print on acid free cotton rag paper. This is to maximize the quality and resolution of your image. As well, a long lasting ink. This comes as is, and needs to be brought to a framer after the wedding. (If framing is done before the wedding, be sure to frame without glass, as access to the paper is needed for the process of signing the Ketubah) 

Canvas – an Archival Giclée Print on top quality canvas to ensure a beautiful print. This canvas comes in a tube, stretching and hardware are necessary in order to properly mount the Ketubah on the wall. This stretching process can be done after the wedding, as there will be extra canvas material around the Ketubah, allowing for stretching.

Stretched Canvas – Our stretched Canvas holds all the same as our regular canvas print, just the stretching has already been done. Mounting Hardware is applied when the Ketubah is stretched. The end result, your Ketubah is ready to be signed and hung on your wall!

Can we make our own painting?


You can order our Text only Ketubah by clicking here, or we can email you a text ready to go that you can print and paint on.

Please email us; info@Ketubah4You.com or click here.

Are your colors accurate?

No one wants to receive a product different then they anticipated… and hey, we’re with you.

Digital and Actual colors slightly differ, being that they work on two different systems of display. In addition, many computer monitors create different appearances.

At Ketubah 4 You we take as much care we can to make sure we properly give you a feeling of your product. For the most part, what you see on the screen is what you receive, with some very slight differences.

Who signs the Ketubah?

Signing a Ketubah by a wedding is a great honor and privilege. There are 2 Witnesses that sign the Ketubah.

Be sure to consult your Rabbi regarding the signing of the Ketubah, as there are many laws and customs as to who may sign it.
(Many Rabbi’s have a policy in place where they choose the witnesses.)

Do the Bride and Groom sign the Ketubah?

Signing a Ketubah by a wedding is a great honor and privilege. There are 2 Witnesses that sign the Ketubah.

In regards to the traditional text, typically neither the bride nor the groom sign the Ketubah. While some have the custom that is different in regards to the latter.

Whereas in the non-traditional text, i.e. the English of your Ketubah, we leave space for both the bride and the groom to sign their special document.

Ordering and Payment:

Which Hebrew text do we need?

In general there are 2 main stream paths in religious Judaism, each following there set of customs.

These are known as Ashkenaz and Sephard.

If you are unsure as to which category you fall under, consult your officiating Rabbi.

Why don't I see an English option for my Ketubah?

At Ketubah 4 You we have artists expressing their art in the way they see fit.  That is why on select Ketubah’s there is no option for an English text, as the artist has created an image without it.

If you are looking for English on your Ketubah, we encourage you to browse around and find a design that will allow for it.

Here at Ketubah 4 You there are many such options!

Can we mix and match to create our text?


In many cases, our English texts can be used as a mix and match, please contact us for more details.

Email; info@Ketubah4You.com or just click here.

Which taxes and fares are there?

Ketubah 4 You charges all applicable taxes when necessary. In your shopping cart you can fill in your shipping details, and calculate how much tax will be.

For any orders shipped out of the USA, or for any art that is based out of the USA and is shipped into the USA, there may be a custom and duties fee. We do not speculate one, but if there is it is the responsibility of the customer to pay those fares.

Which forms of Payment do you accept?

We currently process our payments through PayPal, and payments can be made with a PayPal account.

You are not limited to a PayPal account, as PayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are supported and treated just like a credit card.

Can I change my order?


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision, and therefore up until the printing of your Ketubah your order can be changed!

Depending on the situation there may be a slight fee to pay. Please contact us ASAP, as once a order is placed our team starts work right away.

Email; info@Ketubah4You.com or click here.

How do we store our Ketubah?

The Ketubah must be signed at the time of the ceremony, therefore framing the Ketubah is not ideal, as it will obstruct access to the Ketubah. We suggest framing the Ketubah at your first opportunity, by a professional framer.

For the wedding display; we suggest using a Foam Board as the backdrop, and Photo Corners to hold up the Ketubah. Cover the Ketubah with a thin plastic covering so as to protect it, we suggest taping it down after the signing. The Ketubah can then be propped on an easel for display to all!


What is Personalization?

Each Ketubah is unique, in the sense that the details are changed for every wedding, because it must relate precisely to YOU! The Bride and Groom.

The Ketubah has much information that is standard, but much of it is changed from one person to the next. such as your Names, Location of the wedding and more!

You can order a Ketubah with blank lines for your Rabbi or Calligraphist to fill in with all the correct information. However, many prefer our service of Personalization for their Ketubah, in which we fill in all blank spaces with your correct information.

We suggest taking advantage of our service, so as to have a seamless beautiful text, on this magnificent artwork..  We are sure you wont regret it.

Please note; Due to their designs some of our artists mandate that one have a personalized Ketubah. in such an instance, the price of personalization has been included in your price.

I don't know how to type in Hebrew, how do I fill out my name?

Many people struggle with this, so don’t feel bad.

If you know how to write your name, you are just unsure as to using the Hebrew keyboard, you can use this keyboard here. Then copy the text to the appropriate text box field.

If you don’t know how to write your name in Hebrew, that is not an issue, just write it into the box in English letters, we will do the rest. (For example, the name Chaim will be spelled as seen, or as Haim.)

I don't know Hebrew letters, how do I type my name?

If you don’t know how to write your name in Hebrew, that is not an issue, just write it into the box in English letters, we will do the rest. (For example, the name Chaim will be spelled as seen, or as Haim.)

What do I do if I don't know my parents Jewish names?

If you have a document written with their Jewish names, and you are not familiar with reading Hebrew, you can send us a picture of the document, and we will take the information from there.
An example of such a document would be your parents Ketubah.

Please send the email immediately when filling in the questionnaire, to ensure we have all the appropriate information. Emails can be sent to sales@Ketubah4You.com or by clicking here.

If you are sending an email with a picture, please preface it by letting us know in the comments section of the questionnaire. 

If there is no such document in place, please consult with your officiating Rabbi.